Frutea Pops


Very, Very Cranberry

Cranberries are tangy little flavour explosions packed full of good stuff for your immune system, and they also improve bladder health.

Throughout history, Cranberries have been used for various health issues, particularly urinary infections, liver problems and upset stomach.

Cranberry juice is such good stuff, it’s one of the most popular fruits prescribed by doctors for the cranberry’s variety of benefits. As with most fruits, it’s always better to eat the whole berry, but juice is an excellent way to get a good quantity in a reasonable portion.

They’re a very rich source of many key vitamins, particularly Vitamin C, E and B6 which are all vital for physical wellbeing and help to keep your heart happy and healthy too.

Cherries are also much loved for their sweet flavour but sour cherries have a tart kick that’s full of nutrients and other goodness. In combination with cranberry, this Fruitea Pop packs a powerful punch of Vitamins C! They’re also a very rich source of fiber, which is essential for the production of healthy gut bacteria, that keeps you fit, happy and regular.

Fruitea Pops are made from 100% pure fruit juice and offer a healthy, delicious alternative ice lolly without any added synthetic flavourings and food dyes.

Cranberry & Sour Cherry Fruitea Pops