Frutea Pops


Granadilla Chilla

Granadilla isn’t just a flavourful fruit with an exotic texture. It’s also a great source of antioxidants, micronutrients and essential vitamins, particularly Vitamin C which boosts our immune system.

Very low in calories, It’s also one of the most popular fruits around for Diabetic’s, thanks to its low GI (Glycemic Index).

Antioxidants are crucial in preventing the natural oxidation that occurs in our bodies as we age due to everyday stress and free radicals which are unstable molecules that are linked to various chronic illnesses like heart disease, diabetes and cancer. The antioxidants in pineapple help the immune system to fight against the cellular damage that can lead to these chronic diseases.

Naartjies are one of the most nutrient rich of all the citrus fruits, and everyone needs more citrus in their lives. They’re sweet, tangy, and add a vibrant splash of sunshine to cold winter days. Citrus fruits are crammed full of immune boosting enzymes and micronutrients that are known to fight cancer and other chronic illnesses.

Fruitea Pops are made from 100% pure fruit juice and offer a healthy, delicious alternative ice lolly without added synthetic flavourings and food dyes.

Granadilla & Naartjie Iice lolly