Frutea Pops


Mango Mayhem

The Mango’s delicious, sweet, tropical flavour is like time traveling back to your favourite summer holiday. Mango is very low in calories and full of potassium, copper & folate which are essential to our health and particularly good for pregnant women.

One cup of mango juice contains approximately 100 calories, which is pretty impressive for such a sweet and delicious fruit, and the fibre found in mangoes is fantastic for good gut health.

Mango is also popular with fitness fanatics who swear by its magical ability to alleviate muscle spasms and cramping. This is thanks to the high levels of Vitamin C in mangoes, which help our bodies to produce more iron, and iron plays a huge role in our muscular system.

There are over a hundred different varieties of Mangoes that we know of, each with a unique colour, shape and flavour profile.

Naartjies (or Mandarin if you’re fancy) are one of the most nutrient rich of all the citrus fruits, and everyone needs more citrus in their lives. Naartjies are sweet, tangy, vibrant and easy to peel! They add a blast of sunshine to cold winter days or brighten any occasion.

Citrus fruits are crammed full of immune boosting enzymes and micronutrients that are known to fight cancer and other chronic illnesses.

Fruitea Pops are made from 100% pure fruit juice and offer a healthy, delicious alternative ice lolly without added synthetic flavourings and food dyes.

Mango & Naartjie ice lolly