Frutea Pops


Punchin’ Pineapple

Pineapple’s are exotic, spiky, difficult, and delicious! They’re also very good for you and known to reduce inflammation and even speed up the recovery of our bodies after illness or injuries.

Low in calories and packed full of healthy enzymes, micronutrients and vitamins particularly Vitamin C which is essential for a healthy immune system, and physical development. Pineapple is also full of Manganese, offering powerful antioxidant properties and helping the metabolism. The soluble fibre in raw pineapple is excellent for good gut health, and it’s a versatile fruit that’s always a favourite.

Rumour has it that pineapple can help you to lose weight faster, helping to decrease the formation of fat cells and increasing the breakdown of fats in the body.

Pineapples also contain all sorts of other good things like calcium, phosphorus, zinc, and some of the most crucial vitamins like Vitamin A and K.

Whether you enjoy it raw, grilled, in a salad or on a pizza, pineapple is a fantastic fruit that offers countless benefits especially when it’s juiced or added to our frozen Fruitea treats.

Fruitea Pops are made from 100% pure fruit juice and offer a healthy, delicious alternative ice lolly without added synthetic flavourings and food dyes.

Pineapple ice lolly